Friday, March 14, 2008


KOSOVA INDEPENDENCE: The Price of Freedom (2008)

Reportage that shows the recent independence of Kosoa (2008), darken by the bitter memory of Racak’s masacre (1999) happened almost ten years ago.

After the death of of Slobodan Milosevich two years ago, which once was the "Great Serbia", has had converted in memories full of fight, pain, blood and loss. Kosova, the 6th province of the old Yugoslavia, has chased the way to independence, as its nexts Eslovenia, Croacia, Macedonia, Bosnia y Montenegro. But the way has been long, hard and full of pain. Pain as hard as the population of Racak lived. Racak, the town where the a terrible massacre happened on January 15th in 1999, where 42 civilians were assassinated in cold blood. leaving as the only survivor of that day to Ramma Shabani , who believe that his duty is to tell about what happened to intend that no one could say that nothing happened there. 

Rama, who was injured on the head and the hip, suffer of pain and nightmares in which he hears his executioners singing: “Who told, who lied, that Serbia is small?”

William Walker, the former head of the Kosova Verification Mission (KVM) for the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in Kosova and Metohia, was who, during a recognition mission on the zone , alerted about the masacre and made responsible for it to the Sebian Security Forces so that provoked the NATO’s atack and the end of the war with it.

So, this reportage thresh holded back euphoria moments because of the new freedom of the country, but mixed with the bitter memory of the beloved people who perished on that long and cruel war, giving a bittersweet flavour at the end, in the middle way of the pain and the hope for a better life.